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For those that are wondering whether we can enjoy decent beers here, the short answer is “Yes”. This page will be an ever evolving list with an overview of the variety of breweries available here in the North Texas area. This list only covers the breweries in what I would consider the “Dallas / Ft. Worth” area. Once you go a little further south to Austin, you will find about a dozen or so more. Head towards Houston, and you’ll find another dozen. How many breweries are there in Texas ? It’s hard to get an accurate count with the speed at which they open, and close. But in 2012, Texas was the third fastest growing state with 25 new breweries opened. In other words, we’re catching up to the leading craft beer status such as Colorado, Oregon and those in the North East. You can find a list of companies holding a current Texas Brewery license on this blog as well. As of July 1st, that count currently stands at 68. Let’s dive in and get that list of Dallas / Ft. Worth breweries going.

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Fully up and running

Let’s start with the breweries that I know are fully up and running. With that I mean those breweries who have secured a location, have the necessary TABC licensing secured and are actually distributing and selling their beer. Some of them may only be available on draft and only in a specific area, so it may be a little hard to find them. But they are active and out there

903 Brewers, Sherman

License Date: 4/24/2013
Address: 1718 S ELM, SHERMAN, TX 75090

Located in far North Texas, 903 Brewers is a newcomer on the Dallas brew scene. They just opened the brew house earlier this year. On the list you’ll find a Coconut Ale and a beer called “Roo’s Red Ale” in their offering. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of sampling any of their creations yet, but it appears they are getting some good reviews. To be continued.

Armadillo Ale Works, Denton

License Date:
Address: Currently Brewing at Deep Ellum

Up and coming and creating a lot of buzz, Armadillo Ale Works was founded in 2010. Based out of Denton, north of Dallas, their creations include a Quakertown Stout and a Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale. Last I checked, they were brewing at the Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s brewery until they get their own equipment up and running.

Cedar Creek Brewery, Seven points

License Date: 7/17/2012

A little over 50 miles SouthEast of Dallas, Cedar Creek Brewery has a threesome of beers of which their Smoked Alt is probably the least mainstream one. They are harder to find and I have only had the opportunity to sample their creations once during a local beer festival

Community Beer Company, Dallas

License Date: 11/2/2012

Located across Stemmons Freeway from the American Airlines Center, this local downtown Dallas brewery just raked in several medals during the last US Open Beer Championships. They have become one of my more favorite breweries in the area. If you’re bored on a Saturday, check out their open house hours and go pay them a visit.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Dallas

License Date: 7/6/2011
Address: 2821 SAINT LOUIS STREET, DALLAS, TX 75226

Deep Ellum Brewing Company is now the “daddy of the Dallas breweries”. Their contributions to the revitalization of the Dallas craft brew industry has been absolutely critical. Their range of beers is definitely an expression of their love for hops, so those not liking “bitter” beers, be forewarned. They are going through some recent changes and the effect on their beers will be quite interesting to follow.

Firewheel Brewing, Garland

License Date: 4/9/2012
Address: 2806 LAWING LANE SUITE C, ROWLETT, TX 75088

Named after the Firewheel area in North Garland, their selection offers a variety of ales that includes the ominously named “Midnight Ninja”. Only available in draft, you’ll have to scour the local pubs to get your hands on some.

Four Corners Brewing, Dallas

License Date: 9/19/2012

Their brewmaster, John Sims, went through the school of hard knocks at the Copper Tank in the mid to late 1990’s. Yes, we had a good Dallas brewpub that long ago. And for a while at least, until it was run into the ground. John has now joined Four Corners and it’s apparent from their offering that they have an experienced head brewer. Located downtown in the new Trinity Groves area across the Margaret Hunt bridge, they are worth a visit and tasting

Franconia Brewing, McKinney

License Date: 11/20/2008

Probably the one Dallas brewery that needs no introduction. Founded by German native Dennis Wehrmann in 2008, they have consistently made an excellent range of German inspired beers. Not surprising given Dennis’ heritage which include a great-grandfather brewer, a mother brewery lab technician and he himself holds a masters degree from the famous Doemens school in Munich. Look for them north of Dallas in McKinney

Independent Ale Works, Krum

License Date: 10/4/2012
Address: 11555 HWY 380 WEST #209, KRUM, TX 76249

A small craft brewer located just Northwest of Denton, TX founded in 2010 by Stefen Windham and David Miller. Given their small size, I have not had the pleasure of tasting any of their creations, so I look forward to running into their brews sometime soon

Lakewood Brewing Company, Garland

License Date: 5/1/2012
Address: 2302 EXECUTIVE DRIVE, GARLAND, TX 75041

Founded just a year ago by Wim Bens, the brewery doesn’t hide its Belgian roots. Wims parents are originally from Antwerp and you can tell in some of their range of beers that they are proud of that Belgian heritage. Wim went through the Apprenticeship program of the American Brewers Guild and completed his apprencticeship and Rahr & Sons in Fort Worth. If you haven’t heard of Lakewood Brewing and you live in the Dallas area, you’re either not a beer drinker of you’ve been hibernating.

Martin House Brewing, Fort Worth

License Date: 11/8/2012

Named after the purple Martin, a native Texas bird, Cody Martin opened up the brewery in early 2013. Located in Fort Worth, of 35W and south of 121, I have not had a chance to go visit yet. But what I have tasted of their beers is definitely promising

Peticolas Brewing, Dallas

License Date: 8/25/2011

Now considered an “old timer” amongst the nascent Dallas breweries, Peticolas has consistently cranked out excellent stuff and won several medals at beer competitions across the country. Located in Downtown Dallas, across 35E from the Dallas Market Center, they are definitely worth a visit. Don’t shy away from trying their creations. You won’t be disappointed.

Rahr & Sons Brewery, Fort Worth

License Date: 7/20/2004

The grand-daddy of them all. Opened in 2004 by Fritz Rahr and his family, this brewery from Fort Worth has gained the respect and admiration of many. They really brought the craft beer bug to the Dallas / Ft.Worth area and without them, we would still be living in the dark ages of beer

Revolver Brewing, Granbury

License Date: 10/18/2011
Address: 5650 MATLOCK ROAD, GRANBURY, TX 76049

We’re stretching the limits of what I’d like to call the Dallas / Ft.Worth area, but it would be a shame not to mention these wonderful guys (and gals) from Granbury. Located 40 miles or so Southwest of Ft.Worth the brewery was founded by father and son Ron and Rhett Keisler with brewmaster Gary Wood. Another brewery whose beers deserve your attention.

Reunion Brewing, Dallas – Building brewery

License Date:
Address: 1001 N. Riverfront Dallas, TX 75207

Even though they are not fully up and running (yet), they were finally able to navigate the city of Dallas paperwork and have found a location on Riverfront in downtown Dallas. As this puts them roughly “around” the corner from Community Brewing and Peticolas, the design district is becoming more and more a beer lovers nirvana. With a location secured, next steps are getting the TABC license nightmare completed. To be continued

In Startup

  • 2 Half Pints Brewing, Denton
  • Cobra Brewing Co, Lewisville
  • Dead Cowboy Brewing, Royse City
  • Four Bullets Brewery, unknown
  • Grapevine Craft Brewery, Grapevine
  • Noble Rey Brewing Co., Oak Cliff (South Dallas)
  • Rabbit Hole Brewing, Justin
  • Seven Summits Brewing Company, looking for location
  • Social Brewing, Fort Worh
  • Shannon Brewing Company, looking for location
  • Wahoo Brewing Company, looking for location around Haltom City

I trust this short list will give you somewhat of an idea of the richness of North Texas breweries. And as things have been moving quickly, I am sure many, many more will follow soon.

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