Why you shouldn’t settle for “Bad Beer”

In light of the previous post, several reactions via social media or here on the blog seemed to indicate I was advocating “participation trophies” or “letting brewers off the hook”. Nothing could be further from the truth, so let’s clarify

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Why you should never say “Their Beer Sucks”

Yes… I mean never.
And there’s a few good reasons to avoid using that phrase, so I’ll try to put some of them in a row

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Dallas Session IPA’s

Session IPAJuly 4th festivities have come and gone, but there’s a lot of summer left. While trying to tolerate the Texas heat, I want to grab a light, refreshing beer and since the macro lights don’t quite fit the “taste good” criteria, I often grab what is called a Session IPA. So here’s a review of three local Dallas session IPA’s. Sine they’re all available in cans, they should find their way into your cooler this summer.

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My Summer Fridge

As summer nears, I notice a lot of “Best Summer Beers” or “DFW Summer Seasonals” articles out there. Unfortunately I have noticed several draft only beers that carry a walloping 8% or 9% ABV on those lists. I don’t know about you, but when it’s 100F out there and I’m heading to my pool, I simply want to grab something I can easily stock in my fridge.
Growlers are great, but I don’t want to drive to the nearest growler station, fill it up with 64 Oz. of 9% beer and then have to consume it quickly before it goes flat and/or warm while I’m sitting pool side.

So my criteria for a good local summer beer are:

  1. Under 6% ABV. Heat only intensifies the effects of alcohol and I want to enjoy beer. Not pass out.
  2. Readily available. It has to be bottled and/or canned and readily available at a decent beer store

With those two criteria in mind, here’s 10 beers you are most likely to find in my fridge this summer. Stock up for July 4th !

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The Green Bottle Conundrum

The same Jester King announcement I referred to in my previous post has sparked quite a bit of controversy. Jester King, known for its farmhouse and funky beers, is going to use green bottles instead of the brown variety they thus far have been bottling their beers in. Or at least for one particular beer, they’re about to run an experiment by bottling it in green bottles and see what develops.

This use of green bottles received quite a lot of frowned eyebrows and concerns in the beer community. But why is this such a big deal ? What is the problem with using green bottles ?

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What makes a good beer ?

Or in other words, do medals, competitions and BJCP styles really matter ?

I posted a quote on Facebook earlier today and got some questions and feedback about it. This made me think it warrants a little further exploration and explanation.

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Gary Luna Tribute


On June 10th, I have sadly lost a very good friend and brother in Christ.


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Why can’t I get a growler here ?

Courtesy of Haus of Growlers

Image courtesy of Haus of Growlers

After my first article to explain the difference between a brewery and a brewpub, today’s topic brings us to “growler sales”. Several people have asked me why they can get their growler fill in one place, but not the next.

But before we get started, what the heck is a growler?

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The mess of Texas Beer Legislation.

TABCI have been part of several discussions lately that ultimately all result in someone trying to better understand the Texas beer legislation. The main questions usually end up revolving around distribution limits, the difference between a “brewery” and a “brewpub”, or why we can’t get beer so-and-so in this particular location.

So I’ll try to clean up the air a bit by providing somewhat of a summary. Note that I am not a lawyer or attorney, so don’t use any of the information below to base business plans or formal filings on. This is my summary and understanding of the current legislation, written by a beer lover upon request of several Facebook contacts. With that disclaimer out of the way, here goes:

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So I’m a Certified Cicerone….

…so what ??

And what is a Certified Cicerone ® (promounced Sis-uh-rohn) anyways ?Certified Cicerone Logo

Basically a Certified Cicerone is to the beer world what a “sommelier” is to the wine world. Merriam Webster defines the latter quite simply as “a wine steward”. Other definitions elaborate on this and describe a sommelier as a “trained and knowledgeable wine professional, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing”. Since the exponential growth in the craft beer industry, there has been a need for a similarly trained person with knowledge of beer production, storage and service and who can guide consumers to the right beer choice for their palate or food pairing. The word cicerone actually means “tour guide”. A more formal definition is “one who conducts visitors and sightseers to museums and explains matters of archaeological, antiquarian, historic or artistic interest.” Hence a beer cicerone is one who can guide visitors in the complex world of beers and guide them to what may interest them.

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