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Christians and Facebook

  Since the terrible events in Paris I have been reading all the various political posts and I have been saddened. I have been trying for days to figure out what and how to say something that has been weighing more »

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“Pick and Choose” Christianity ?

I haven’t written a post about my faith in a while, but the recent dramatic events across the world, especially in Paris, and the reactions I have observed, prompted me to write this. Right now a dozen or more governors more »

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Being thankful: How quickly we forget

One of the lessons we try to teach our kids is to be grateful for what we have. A lifestyle of focusing on what we don’t have, more often than not leads to a life filled with bitterness, strife and frustration. While an appreciation for the many blessings around us is a path to contentment with life in general. And yet, we so quickly forget this life lesson we try to instill in our children. Continue reading

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My pastor’s a sinner

Last Sunday we confirmed a new lead pastor at our Church. My wife and I have been a part of this particular Body for quite a while and we were overjoyed that a long and painful chapter finally came to a close. We have a new pastor ! This is exciting news. He will for sure propel this Church to a new level, new initiatives, new heights. A new drive and vigor will permeate our Church and it will be the best thing ever ! After all, he is a great guy, caring, dynamic and an overall solid person. Or so I thought. Continue reading

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My Problem with Easter

If the message of Easter is true, if the message is one that our Lord is alive and well, here and now, and is with us each and every day, there is no hiding. One cannot go on with his or her daily life as if nothing happened and commemorate this event one day a week. This is a message that should impact my life fundamentally. It should impact my life to be one of tremendous joy, comfort, trust, hope and love. And it is a message that should not only inspire but instill in me a desire to share, comfort, care for, love and uplift those around me. Continue reading

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What’s Epiphany all about ?

We traditionally take down our Christmas lights and decorations as soon as January 1 comes around. But what about Epiphany ? What is all that about ? And how does it tie in with the 12 days of Christmas ? Continue reading

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Advent Reading

Some of you have asked what’s going on. It’s been over a month since my last post and some have wondered whether I have disappeared from this planet. No worries. No weird alien has decided to capture me and use more »

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Do you love your Church ?

Note here that what I am asking is not whether you love the worship style, or the teaching or the dress code, atmosphere, programs or even the senior pastor. I am also not asking whether you love going to church. I am asking whether you love your Church ? What IS the Church ? And how do you love it ? Continue reading

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Mormons: Cultists or Christians ?

Are Mormons Christians ? Is the Mormon faith the same as Christianity ? Are the teachings of the Church of Latter Day Saints in agreement with Christianity ? A Christian approach to answering these questions. Continue reading

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Going vs Belonging

Don’t just go to Church. I’m serious. I’m telling you to not just go to church. I’m asking you if you belong in Church.

We all go places. We go visit others, we go to events, concerts or dinners. But going somewhere doesn’t mean you belong to the group you’re going to. As Christians shouldn’t “go” to Church. But we do “belong” in Church. So what is the difference between going and belonging ? Continue reading

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